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With the community journalism program, BIG offers members the chance to use their production skills outside of the studio by exploring and reporting news affecting Brookline. BIG also partners with news-focused organizations to provide local news and lifestyle segments.

With our members, staff, interns and volunteers, we share the story of the town through hyper-local journalism, with past stories covering topics from town government changes, to historic Brookline secrets, to personal resident profiles. We have bi-weekly roundtable meetings to follow up on developing stories, pitch new ones, and use the strength of the group as a resource to tackle down leads. As one of our journalists, the only limit you have is the zip code (and even that is negotiable!).

To sign up and get involved, contact Shannen Ortale at shannen@brooklineinteractive.org

Selectboard and School Committee Notice for July 7th

Tonight’s meetings of the Brookline Selectboard and Brookline School Committee will both be aired live. The Selectboard will be on our main YouTube and Facebook live streams while the School Committee will be on our secondary YouTube live stream.