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BIG OpenDoor MediaMakers


Youth MediaMaker Aspen interviews a youth leader from the Sunrise Movement at the Boston Climate StrikeWe have launched a free, weekly after-school program for 20-30 youth ages 10-18 over the course of the 2020 year. For 2 hours every week, students come to our studios, producing news, PSAs, and short documentaries. The process is youth-driven, with mentoring and support from BIG staff. The youth will choose the topics, develop the scripts, conduct interviews, shoot and edit short videos, and crew productions in order to tell their stories. These stories will be broadcast, giving the youth a platform for their storytelling as well as a reservoir of resume-building media clips.

Our interactive curricula includes; foundations of storytelling, technical skills for media production and “soft” skills such as communication, listening, organization, public speaking, presentation of ideas, and professional demeanor. While youth take part in this program based on their passion for media creation, the benefits extend beyond the technical and include important skills and experiences that will be essential in their transition to the world of work.

Skill-development will include pre-production and planning, cameras, lighting, sound, filming techniques, post-production techniques, graphic design, and the art of story-telling. As participants gain more experience and confidence with their skills, they will be called upon to mentor the newcomers and less-experienced youth. 

Peer Mentor Model: For those youth who want to take a deeper dive into career exploration in media arts, we are offering a peer mentor model that gives motivated youth a specialized leadership role. Mentored by staff, the youth learn to become mentors and leaders themselves.


When: Free, every Wednesday from 4-6pm

Who: Open to all youth ages 10-18 years of age

Where: 46 Tappan Street, 3rd Floor

Parental Consent Form – Please complete for each minor who wishes to attend.

Contact education@brooklineinteractive.org for more info.