VR Setup Guide

Display Mirroring

We included the Mini display to HDMI adapter in the care package you brought with you, and that’s the connection that will be going to the mirrored display. Once those are all set you’ll need to open the start menu and type display settings.

Next change the monitor outputs to extend or duplicate. Extend will mean you’ll need to drag the demo window onto the new screen, duplicate will be easier but the mirrored resolution may be off making the gameplay look distorted or low quality.

Audio Mirroring

Next step is audio mirroring to the new display. To do this first launch steam VR and do the room setup. Next once everything is all set you press the drop down menu in steamvr and select settings.

Select Audio in the list and change the default playback device to the TV or Speaker you want to output for the audience. Then set the mirror audio to HTC Vive (HDMI) Or htc Vive (USB)

The audio won’t work unless done in this order. If you change these settings during gameplay you’ll have to restart the game for it to work properly.