Brookline Interactive Group

Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) currently has a complete Board of Directors.

We are a collaborative, friendly Board that recognizes all lived experiences as valuable. Current BIG Board Members have backgrounds in academia, art, business, education, healthcare, law, media, and technology, (among others). 

Would you like to share in the discourse around this community table? Reach out and let’s chat. Email for more to start a conversation.

About BIG

Over the past 36 years, BIG’s community media arts programs have provided media tools, training and access to thousands of Brookline residents, elevating diverse voices, facilitating critical community conversations, and assuring that the local democracy is kept transparent. The Covid-19 pandemic and racial justice conversations this year have offered new opportunities for our community, organization, and our members to listen and collaborate to build a post-pandemic future that is more inclusive, diverse, and increases community voices and participation. 

BIG is committed to serving the Brookline community by providing education and resources to community members for the purpose of:

  • Empowering voices in our community that have not been listened to
  • Supporting the creativity, ideas, opinions, perspectives, and stories of all community members through media making resources and channel programming
  • Democratizing media by facilitating access to media tools, channels, and training
  • Providing transparency to town/school governance through meeting coverage

Open positions:

  • No current openings


  • 5 hours / month
  • One 2-hour board meeting and 3 hours of committee work
  • 2 year term (renewable)
  • Required attendance at 9 out of 12 Board meetings annually
  • All meetings are remote through January 2021

Role of every Board Member:

  • Enthusiastically represent BIG in the community
  • Set strategic direction
  • Provide oversight
  • Ensure necessary resources
  • Support fundraising efforts


Board qualifications:

  • Brookline stakeholder (resident or non-resident)
  • Committed to social justice and equity
  • Invested in Brookline’s diverse perspectives
  • Interested in community media