Brookline Interactive Group

Who We Are

Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) helps amplify ALL of our community’s voices. We hope you will support us to continue that critical work in 2024.

What We Do


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Brookline Interactive Group activated its skills to provide media and new technology to Brookline’s community, nonprofits, and government.



Brookline Interactive Group aims to support Brookline with quality media to elevate local government, nonprofits, and organizations.



Brookline Interactive Group creates access to local media, filmmaking, TV shows, and immersive reality. Join our community and start your storytelling journey in Brookline.

Why Support BIG?

This year BIG & Brookline have explored new ways of making decisions while listening deeply to assure that ALL VOICES are heard.

We’ve learned new ways to communicate and support our small businesses, protect our democracy, and get voters to the polls in Brookline and beyond. We’ve engaged youth and adult voices, and offered ways for residents to stay creative, connected, well-informed, educated, and cared for.

Brookline Interactive Group has played an integral part in this critical community-building work.

We need your support more than ever to continue providing these essential community media services to Brookline. If you value what BIG has provided, this year especially, please consider becoming a donor, member, volunteer, creator, board member, or make a recurring monthly donation! Your tax-deductible support will go a long way to continuing our work in the coming months.

In 2020 BIG adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic through securing and managing our remote media services to remain an INDEPENDENT community voice during this unprecedented year. We stepped up and added new value to our timely and hyperlocal content for the entire Town of Brookline by:


Working remotely, we secured reliable, pandemic-proof technology and updated all of our systems. We partnered with the Town of Brookline to train and support community leaders to livestream over 500 live community events like graduations, issue forums & evolving public health forums, and small business and school closings/reopenings announcements. We produced videos on voter information, warrant articles, and candidate forums. We facilitated and hosted community conversations with organizations such as Brookline for Racial Justice & Equity (BRJE), Inclusive Brookline, and the League of Women Voters. BIG also covered live outdoor Town commemorations for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and for 9/11.


BIG extended our services and programming to seniors during COVID-19, those aging in place, or seeking active living, with a new cable channel guide which is distributed weekly in print to the senior community. BIG’s daily curated content includes Gentle Chair Yoga, Brookline Bees Sewing, Brookline CAN, Brookline Rotary, and Age-Friendly Cities.


BIG covered Brookline High School four hour LIVE drive-through high school graduation on our community cable channels, which was viewed by over 4,000 residents. We celebrated a live Juneteenth with locals who shared songs and poetry on their porches, and hosted timely fundraisers and forums for Brookline Strong, Women Thriving, the Brookline Community Foundation, Brookline Safety Net, Mutual Aid Brookline, and the Brookline Food Pantry. We gave residents on-the-street access to live protests, hosted live June Election night returns, aired many nights of town meetings, and provided technical support for town officials, community organizations and committees. BIG live streamed two individual Friday night Temple services and weekly broadcasts of St. Mary’s Catholic mass, airing in total, over 40 faith-based programs. We worked with Steps to Success and the Brookline Teen Center to engage youth voices through digital storytelling programs all summer and fall and provided support to the Town of Brookline’s MLK Day Celebration committee via film screenings and panel discussions. Our BIG members created timely and relevant community content on weekly shows from State Representative Tommy Vitolo to the Arc of Justice program from BIG board member Eric Hyett.

Ways to Support BIG

If you would like to make a one-time donation to BIG please click on the PayPal button or contact us at

Please note on your check or online donation if there is a specific program or area of our work that you are most excited to support.