We’re proud to have an incredibly talented team at BIG. Our skilled staff members have a diverse wealth of experience ranging from filmmaking, production, and editing, to graphic design and marketing, to teaching and curriculum design. Amidst the wide array of expertise, we are all passionate about community media and committed to empowering all community members to express themselves by telling their stories and creating their own content.


Kathy Bisbee

Executive Director - Kathy@brooklineinteractive.org

A native of western Maine, Kathy works in solidarity with diverse communities to amplify their voices; managing programs and organizations rooted in participatory media and digital inclusion as a creative technologist, storyteller, and community organizer. As a research fellow at the MIT Open Doc Lab, Kathy’s fieldwork was featured in Ms. Magazine on equitable access to traditional and emerging media in the public interest. Kathy received the 2019 'Nextant Legacy Prize' from the Virtual World Society, is a policy advisor to the CyberXR Coalition, and serves as Vice-Chair of the Northeast board of the Alliance for Community Media (ACM). For more info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathybisbee.

Corbin Riedel

Production Manager - Corbin@brooklineinteractive.org

Wanting to be a director at an early age, influenced by Kubick, Scorsese and Spielberg and raised in the community media world, he parlayed his love of movies and media into his desire to create and help others do the same. A self-professed video nerd with over twelve years experience in the media field, Corbin conducts training programs at BIG, with everything from podcasting, editing, phone filmmaking and studio production. Corbin also oversees the facilities, maintenance, and manages all BIG productions whether they are in the studio, in the field or remotely!

Rebecca Zinner

Communications and Engagement Manager - Rebecca@brooklineinteractive.org

Rebecca has an unwavering commitment to and belief in the democratizing power of community media and its ability to empower diverse voices and increase media literacy. She is a media maker and educator whose independent short films explore themes of home, family, and health. She earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices in 2018 from the University of Colorado Boulder and has previously taught in both collegiate and nonprofit settings.

Ian Bauer

IT/Special Projects Coordinator - Ian@brooklineinteractive.org

Ian is a photographer and videographer from Northampton, Massachusetts.

Morgan Laing-Buckland

Production Assistant


Ann Theis

Deputy Director - Ann@brooklineinteractive.org

Community-based Media has been an intrinsic part of Ann’s life ever since she attended Antioch College to become a documentary filmmaker. Discovering the importance of community media under pioneers in the field, she learned that teaching people to express their own voice was more important than merely documenting them. Now at BIG, she is managing operations including staff and interns, educational programming for adults and youth, community outreach, grant-writing, and reporting. She is the 2019 recipient of the Dirk Koning - George Stoney Award for Humanistic Communication.

Andrew Doig

IT Systems Administrator - Andrew@brooklineinteractive.org

Andrew is BIG's Systems/IT Coordinator. A native of Carlisle MA, he has a degree in Information Technology from Emmanuel College in Boston. A staff member since 2013, Andrew is responsible for BIG's website, on site technology and VR gear. In his spare time Andrew likes to tinker with PC's, play video games with friends and try new craft beer.

Dan Rodriguez

Interim Broadcast Director - Dan@brooklineinteractive.org

Born and raised in Boston, solving creative and technical challenges has been at the core of every professional role I've played for the past 31 years. Whether its studio design, technology planning, video production, film making, song writing or live performance; it all starts with values, language and ideas. I thrive on helping communities of all shapes, sizes and origins to achieve their goals. And I'm privileged to work with a team of like-minded, talented and truly committed people here at BIG.

josh Widdicombe

Virtual Reality Coordinator



Elizabeth Webler

TV Programming & Marketing Intern

I am a student at UMass Amherst in the Individual Concentration offered there. I designed my degree with a focus on the spread of political information in media and production and how differences in distribution impact partisanship and polarization. I am also an active writer for the Her Campus Chapter at my university and like to discuss politics and personal development in my articles. I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life and I am looking forward to using all my background to contribute at BIG.

Danielle Fineza

Production Assistant Intern

Danielle is a rising senior at Emerson College studying broadcast journalism. She works both in front of and behind the camera on-campus. Danielle fell in love with community media several summers ago while interning with PhillyCAM in her hometown. She's excited to be working with BIG this summer and to continue learning more about the community, local stories and production equipment!

Graham Krewinghaus

Production Intern

Graham was born in Minneapolis and recently graduated Brookline High. He likes to read, learn languages and attempt to write (in any and all of those languages). At BHS, he wrote for the Sagamore, the school's newspaper, and plans to continue reporting next year at Georgetown University.

Emily Soubasis

Television Programming & Content Outreach Intern

"I was born and raised in central New Jersey, but I came to Boston in 2019 to pursue a degree in Media Arts Production at Emerson College. I have always had a passion for film and television and am currently narrowing my focus towards narrative television development. Here at BIG, I am focusing on programming for our community channel and reaching out to the community to bring new voices to our platform. I am excited to use my love of television as a tool to engage this great community!

Frances Smith

Production Intern

Frances is a recent graduate of Brookline High School, and soon to be art student at School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she will focus on contemporary film and new media studies. She has also worked with the Brookline Teen Center in youth arts collective BrainChild, directing, editing, and creating graphics for various arts/music experiences for the community.

Omozusi Guobadia

Virtual Reality Intern

Omozusi Guobadia is a rising third year student at MIT, studying Electrical Engineering/ Computer Science and Brain/Cognitive Science. Outside of school life, he likes playing recreational poker and runs on the Varsity Track team. He has done research in Human-Computer Interaction and hopes to continue into the Masters Program at MIT, to specialize in VR Hardware Development.

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