BIG serves the Brookline community as an integrated media and technology education facility. As a community media hub and incubator, BIG provides access to innovative media making tools, facilitates diverse community dialogues through media, offers collaborative programs, technical training, and community outreach strategies for non-profit organizations, education, and local government.

In BIG’s unique partnership with the Brookline Public Schools, we provide hundreds of hours of staff time, maintenance of an extensive network of hardware and software, technical and facility support, professional development and educational training to Brookline’s students, teachers and childhood care providers, to parent and teacher organizations, and to community education partners each year.

That’s Where We Come In!
BIG has trained over 1,000 local residents, youth, educators, and staff from local non profits to become creators of digital content. As a non-profit organization housed at Brookline High School, BIG has provided educational curriculum on media and technology literacy and video production for Brookline Public Schools, evening classes, kids’ workshops, and provides on-site after school and in-school digital media programs in local schools. Additionally, BIG offers professional development courses for educators, has built mobile studios for school and government use, and has designed designs media literacy and video production curriculum, and provides experienced program guidance and staffing for over eight different after school and in-school programs for elementary, middle school and high school students.

“My son was excited by every part of Movie Making and would tell me about what he did when he came home. This was a place where he felt that he was recognized for doing really good work. His enthusiasm about working here is really clear to me because there has never been one bit of resistance about showing up here, signing up here, and his excitement about seeing the movie.” -Beth Jones, Parent

What we offer to educators for youth (free or low-cost):

  • Youth classes on video production, graphic design, animation, digital storytelling, coding and other educational media arts programs that focus on media literacy
  • Professional development for educators (digital storytelling in the classroom, media literacy, STEAM skills, and more!)
  • Resources and equipment for technology in the classroom
  • Workshops on creating videos that support curriculum
  • Workshops and programs during the school day with educators, as well as after school enrichment classes

We offer the following educational services:

We offer the following workshop partnerships and opportunities:
Media Programming with Brookline Recreation
Exploring Media with Steps to Success
BEE Bear Book Club with Brookline Recreation & Brookline Early Education Program

BEE Parenting with Brookline Early Education Program
PSA Workshops at Heath School
Media Workshops & Opportunities for Adults
Multimedia Production Classes
Thursday Night Live Volunteer Opportunities from 4-9pm
Basic Editing in Premiere
Advanced Editing including 360 Video
DSLR Basics
DSLR Intermediate Skills
360 Camera Class
Audio 101
Audio 102: Advanced Techniques in Audio
The Basics of Cinematography
Video Production Basics
TV Production
Digital Storytelling
Community Journalism

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