Youth Media Education

Join our free out-of-school programs for youth ages 10-18. The process is youth-driven, with mentoring and support from BIG staff. The youth choose the topics, develop the scripts, conduct interviews, shoot and edit videos, and crew productions in order to tell stories and showcase youth.   

Our interactive curricula includes foundations in storytelling, technical skills for media production, and “soft” skills such as communication, listening, organization, public speaking, presentation of ideas, and professional demeanor. While youth take part in this program based on their passion for media creation, the benefits extend beyond the technical and include important skills and experiences that will be essential in their transition to the world of work.

The Arts2Work: Youth Media Training Program 2.0 provides three options for engagement in-person and virtually. The foundational levels are rooted in a successful virtual out-of-school program through a deliberate process of skill-building and personal development. As youth develop they are able to take a deeper dive to focus on job training and skills, communication techniques and transition to adulthood. 

Intergenerational Digital Storytelling 

Intergenerational Digital Storytelling (IDS) project furthers the education and media skill-building of teens but also builds on the work BIG has been doing during the pandemic to bring programs to isolated seniors in our community. 

In this out-of-school program, youth participate, develop, and record oral histories of local seniors and shape them into digital stories. Producing these videos from start to finish, each youth has to develop their communication skills by talking with seniors to explain the project and to conduct a recorded interview with the senior.

Both remote and in-person options are available as each person feels comfortable. At the end of the project all youth and senior participants participate in a live Zoom screening of their completed work with a Q&A, in front of their families, and organizational staff.

Brain Wave 

Another component to our Arts2Work 2.0 Virtual Youth Media Program is to use media to help foster youth artists and youth creativity. We are training middle school and high school students the media skills needed to showcase BHS and other Brookline youth musicians and artists in running sound and video for Open Mics and live music concerts over Zoom, along with pre-recorded videos on BIG’s Channels and streams. 

This virtual training includes project management and planning, camera operation and techniques, directing and talent management, post-production, and social media and promotion –and most importantly, teamwork and communication; these are all skills that are essential for working in the creative industries.

Leveling Up – Job Training Apprentice Program

The most engaged youth will have opportunities for more in depth para-professional development and workplace experiences. These paid-work experiences will hone their skills, solidify their confidence, and grow their resume.

We hire youth to be mentored by professional staff at BIG and pay an hourly wage for 40-50 hours over the summer to create additional video content. Giving youth real-world experience, we base the selection on a traditional job-search process, including application and interview, to take part in a semester-long apprentice program. Through this paid apprenticeship experience they will gain valuable job readiness skills: communication, time-management, attention to detail, and follow-through.

Skill-development includes pre-production and planning, cameras, lighting, sound, filming techniques, post-production techniques, graphic design, and the art of story-telling. As participants gain more experience and confidence with their skills, they will be called upon to mentor the newcomers and less-experienced youth. 

Parental Consent Form – Please complete for each minor who wishes to attend any of BIG’s youth programs.  Contact for more information.

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