Brookline Interactive Group

We offer customized after-school, early release days, and summer programs based on these classes. Classes that can only be taught at BIG are noted (details below):



Lego Stop Motion
In Lego Stop Motion, you will be creating a stop motion animation with your favorite Lego characters and sets! You will brainstorm, write, and storyboard a story and then use Legos and a stop motion app on iPads to bring it to life as a stop motion animation.


Come and learn how to create fun animations! Students will be able to create characters and put them to life in this in this claymation class. Some of the early cartoons, like Wallace and Grommet, used this animation style to create some of the best cartoons of all time. Now, it is time for you to make your clay characters come to life!

Rotoscoping Animation (preferred age 10 & up)
Youth will learn how to make a PSA using stop motion animation.

Scratch (preferred age 10 & up)
Scratch is an online programming language that children can learn to program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation. Learn how to create your own game or story in this exciting class!

Graphic Design (preferred age 10 & up)
Graphic design is a powerful, creative and fun tool in today’s media culture. This course will introduce your child to the fundamental principles and concepts of graphic design by using Pixlr, an online program based off Adobe Photoshop, to create graphic design projects such as flyers, album covers, movie posters and more!


Unity for Middle Schoolers Unity is a powerful and widely-used game engine for developing VR experiences, as well as video games for consoles, mobile devices, and websites.This 6-session after school class, which is for students in grade 5 and up, will introduce you to the basic functions and concepts of Unity, and include several exercises to use and practice the skills you learn!

Production and Editing



Middle School Movie Makers

This class, which is specifically for middle-schoolers (grades 6-8), will teach students the fundamental elements of filmmaking by providing them the opportunity to script, film, and edit their own short movie. In project-based teams, students will learn to develop a storyboard, plan their set and costumes, and use iPads, studio equipment, and a green screen to create their films. With iMovie software, they will edit their own version of the movie with their original concepts, music and graphics.  Once the movies have been created, teens and their families will celebrate with a movie premiere in the BIG’s theater!


Movie Makers at BIG:
Through instruction and class exercises, kids will learn to script, film and edit a short movie. In project-based teams, students will learn to use a camera, studio equipment and green screen to develop a storyboard, set and costume ideas. With professional software, they will edit their own version of the movie with their original concepts, music and graphics. And, once the movies have been created, kids and their families will celebrate with a movie premiere in the BIG’s theater!

Youth Journalism (preferred age 10 & up)

Youth will learn how to use all their media literacy skills to investigate, create and distribute local news media in the town of Brookline. In this class we will focus on researching the name change of the school and interviewing community members, students and faculty o gain a broad perspective on how it is impacting the community.

Photojournalism (preferred age 10 & up)

Through Photojournalism, students will explore journalism through a creative, community-based project that teaches them to think outside-the-box and develop career skills. Youth will learn creative journalism skills by researching news stories, writing their own content, and creating video segments through visual art and film in an exciting, hands-on environment.

For kids ages 10-12


Smart Phone Filmmaking (preferred age 10 & up)

Smartphones have become the most prominent recording devices today, allowing us to easily capture and share moments of everyday life and the world around us from our unique perspective. In this introductory class, we will explore techniques and concepts that enhance the quality of the content captured on an iPhone camera.  Learn about lighting, how to optimize iPhone camera settings, and using tools to create high-quality photographs and videos directly from your iPhone.


Podcasting for Youth (preferred age 10 & up)

Youth will learn the tools to make their own podcast! They will learn about podcasts, listen to podcasts, develop show ideas, learn about using microphones, how to record and edit sound, and upload a show.


Specialty Workshops

Intro to 3D Printing & Modeling with Tiltbrush for YOUTH! (preferred age 10 & up without adult supervision)
Did you know you can create art in VR and 3D print it into a tangible form? In this one-day session, we will teach you how and give you a chance to make your own virtual artistic creations in Tiltbrush. Then you will save them to an image gallery so you can make them real with a 3D printer! Most participants will be able to 3D print and pickup up their creations the following week.

Next session: Friday, November 8th
Time: 1-4pm
Capacity: 20
Tuition: $75 for nonmembers, $60 Members*
Location: Brookline Interactive, 46 Tappan St, Brookline, MA 02445 – Only taught at BIG.


Early Release Day Workshops
Join BIG in exploring the world of media by creating videos, animations and graphics that will promote problem-solving, creative thinking and self-expression!
Each session is for kids ages 8 and up, and is held in BIG’s location, and runs from 1:00-3:30 pm.

Tuition – $50 per child per session


Middle School Media Literacy
An after school program for girls in grades 6-8. Take a closer look at the media in your life, and learn to make your own in this new after school program! In this new 8-session media arts class, students will explore how women and girls are represented in the media and think critically about how they are portrayed. Then they will write and create their own media that challenges stereotypes and problematic messages and tells a story they want to tell. BIG staff will mentor them through the entire creative process and teach them production skills as they write, film, and edit their own media content.