Brookline Interactive Group

Interactive Brookline

Discover the wonders hidden within Interactive Brookline! This project highlights unique points of interest around Brookline with Augmented Reality content. This content comes in the form of photos, video, and 3D models! Scan the BIG posters located throughout Brookline to access this content and learn more about the world around you! Or watch the introduction video, check out the example posters, and the map of highlighted locations

How it works

Find the posters located throughout Brookline! Scan the QR code by opening your camera app and pointing your camera at the code. Tap the prompt that appears. Once it has taken you to the browser the AR content will load. If it prompts you to line up an image, line up the icon with the matching poster. Once it has recognized the poster the AR content should play. If there is a 3D display, you can place the objects in your space by tapping the ‘place in your space’ button and pointing your camera at a flat area. You can then move the display around your space. Try it out with these example posters!

Highlighted Locations

Discover the hidden wonders of Brookline!