Elections 2020: Submissions Policy

Brookline Interactive Group is a non-profit community media arts center in Brookline, MA. 

We facilitate access to media tools, training, and platforms that support community-based journalism, government transparency, media literacy, and civic engagement. We are for and by the community of Brookline and supported by our local and regional partnerships and by our members who create people-powered media. 

To meet community challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic BIG pivoted our staffing and resources to cover over 300 municipal and community meetings, events, forums, classes, graduation, as well as community events and marches/protests. BIG is a key part of the local government’s communication strategy during the pandemic and used widely by the entire community for free speech, education, and communication by organizations and local residents. 

BIG is leading a regional coalition to coordinate two August candidate’s forums for the Fourth Congressional District, in partnership with Brookline For Racial Justice and Education (BRJE) and the League of Women Voters (LWV). 

Many of these candidates and others running for elected office have requested the use of our channels for their election-related content.

Here are our 2020 rules for use of our community cable channels by all candidates for any elected positions that can be voted on by Brookline voters. 

Each candidate will be allowed to submit: 

  • One program per week, at a length of up to three hours.
  • No program submissions or shows about the elections or candidates will be allowed during the two weeks (14 days) prior to the election. 
  • Submissions can be uploaded by campaign staff or community members to this location: brooklineinteractive.org/upload

As of September 1st, all multiple program submissions must come from BIG members. One program submission from Brookline residents is free, but multiple submissions and/or regular timeslots require a BIG membership. Non-residents may become a member of BIG and have full access to all of BIG’s community media resources.

Membership is $50 for Brookline residents and $100 for non-residents. This google form is required with all submissions and in order to use any of the resources. In order to use BIG’s equipment, all members must sign up for a RueShare account and pay their membership fee before use/submission via BIG’s PayPal. BIG’s staff can be hired for paid productions, and a contract can be developed to keep production costs affordable. BIG’s offices may not be available this fall or may be limited to curbside or other rules to abide by pandemic, school, town, and organizational safety concerns.

All members might sign a content waiver for all submissions indicating that they have permission to use any music or other copyrighted content within the digital files.


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