Dear BIG members and Brookline Community, 

This week, BIG’s team has been called to action in an unprecedented way.

In four days we have provided coverage for twelve sessions of non-stop emergency government meetings, trained and supported our community partners on new technology for communications, and invited local, state and federal representatives and medical professionals to give updates and respond to live questions from our community. 

We’ve provided breaking news and crucial information and facilitated public participation in multiple ways: live from web conferences tools Zoom and Webex out to the community through our cable channels, via YouTube Live stream, and on Facebook live streaming in watch parties, where we also moderated public comment and replied to questions. The Town of Brookline has now launched a new web site with updated information here:


See BIG’s community coverage here:

We’ve posted helpful local and regional resources daily on social media, via our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. We’ve also updated our cable channels with over twelve new local government videos, and over 44 public service announcements and community alerts, including offers of support such as childcare and free food, listings for how to access small businesses in Brookline, and resources regarding closures and Brookline’s Health and Human Services recommendations. 

I am so grateful for the teamwork, laughter and collaborative effort of our team at BIG – our hardworking and dedicated staff members Ann Theis, Andrew Doig, Corbin Riedel, Josh Widdecombe, and Morgan Buckland – for our supportive board, and for our extended team at the Town of Brookline – staff members Devon Williams and Melissa Goff and Robin Coyne from the Public Schools of Brookline School Department. We are extremely fortunate to have a team that is willing to continue to work under these circumstances, enabling us to expand our media services to the community.

Thank you, BIG team! 

Support BIG:

A special thanks to folks who have made donations to BIG. In the weeks to come we will need more folks to come forward to support our efforts now and long-term. Consider becoming a Patreon and giving to BIG on a monthly basis here.

Thank you to our supporters! 

A few last thoughts after this busy week….please be good to each other during these times. We are all learning how to adjust to the new normal, and doing the best we can under difficult circumstances. 

Please take time to laugh, practice self-care, enjoy the time with your family, and reach out over web conferencing tools to strangers and friends alike. Let’s keep building community in all the ways we can. 


To that end, we’ve created a community assessment survey here

to ask what other ways BIG can build community, bring you more information, news, and resources, and local content. 

In gratitude, and with many healthy blessings to you all, 

Kathy Bisbee, 

Executive Director, Brookline Interactive Group