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Meeting agenda and materials can be found here: https://meetings.brooklinema.gov/OnBaseAgendaOnline/Meetings/ViewMeeting?id=1615&doctype=1

Vote in the 2024 Elections!

Ben Kaufman, Brookline’s Town Clerk, wants you to get out and vote!

For more information, visit brooklinema.gov/townclerk.

TV on TV – Tommy Vitolo Interviews Kathleen Scanlon

Tommy Vitolo and Kathleen Scanlon, member of the Brookline Zero Emissions Advisory Board, discuss the Electrify Brookline Campaign. Kathleen gives some tips for successful electrification of your home, such as how Mass Save can fit into your plans, and an upcoming list of contractors, tax credits, and other financial incentives. She also discusses options for renters and condo owners.