Margaret Metzger (1945-2013) taught English at Brookline High school for over forty years, influencing thousands of students and educators through her teaching, writing, and mentoring. She was a 2005 recipient of the BEF’s Ernest R. Caverly Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The Margaret Metzger Fellowship was established in 2014 through the Brookline Education Foundation to honor Margaret’s life and achievements. The fellowship has provided opportunities to continue Margaret’s work: thinking about the classroom, writing about teaching, and furthering the art of educating young people.

The public reading of Tales from the Classroom is a celebration of Margaret Metzger, the Metzger Fellows, and all of you who helped to make this Fellowship a reality.

00:00 Intro
06:15 Tim Hintz
17:14 Jeanette Sergeant
28:48 Hannah Bjornson
40:00 Brendan McCarthy
50:20 Julia Mangan
1:03:51 Peter Sedlak
1:15:28 Closing Remarks