Members of BIG have access to our video production equipment and facilities. Whatever your goals and needs are, BIG has the resources to bring about your vision. Members can register for classes to refine or learn new skills and may also volunteer on ongoing projects.

Members choose what level of membership they can afford. A membership donation of $50 or more is highly encouraged. Thank you for your support!

Who can become a member?

Any Brookline resident or Brookline-based organization, as well as non-Brookline residents, are eligible to become a member.

What is the cost associated with membership? 

Annual membership rates are as follows:

  • $50 or more per year for Brookline residents
  • $100 per year for non-residents
  • $30 for students who are Brookline residents
  • $50 for students who are non-Brookline residents
  • $30 for senior Brookline residents
  • $35 for senior non-residents
  • $150 for Brookline Organizations and Community Groups (allows up to four members)

What comes with membership?

Membership at BIG includes access to a wide array of media-making tools and resources, including:

  • Television studio use for regular shows
  • Recently upgraded editing suites
  • DSLRs, and new camera equipment including gimbals
  • Recording audio in our recently-renovated Whisper audio recording studio
  • Emerging media resources
  • Low-cost staff tutorials and classes

How do I become a member?

To become a member of BIG, simply sign up here to attend an orientation tour at BIG. During this tour, you will learn more about our space, offerings, opportunities, and policies. Once you have taken this tour, signed our membership agreement, and paid the annual membership fee, you will become a member of BIG! Review our member policies here.

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