The conversation centers on the challenges and traumas that property owners face during the eviction process, which is slow, adversarial, and expensive. When they are forced to turn to the legal system to reclaim possession of their units from non-paying or dangerous tenants, property owners also encounter interference from third parties who seek to harm owner-tenant relationships and hinder speedy dispute resolution by giving dubious legal advice to uninformed and vulnerable renters.

We speak with Ms. Wildia Capre, a first generation immigrant who achieved the American Dream of homeownership, only to have it crushed by a tenant who committed verbal abuse and threatened physical violence, while vandalizing the property and not paying rent. Wildia and her attorney, Jordana Greenman, discuss this harrowing ordeal, which resulted in a year-long process that lives on. Attorney Greenman also explains the unnecessarily complex eviction process, while calling for reforms to foster a level playing field for tenants and housing providers alike.

SPOA Vice President, Amir Sh