One Word Titled Songs

00:05 Warm-up
04:29 Ritual of Sunglasses
04:50 Anytime – Eve (TX)
06:24 Cupid – Kathryn (MA)
06:50 Daydream – Bruce (MI)
08:06 Dreams – Marisa, Jerry (MA)
14:50 Imagine – Beth (MA)
18:55 Kumbaya – Andi (PA)
23:46 Happy Birthday – everyone
24:44 Fame – Sue (UK)
26:51 Moonshadow – Anne (UK), Adrienne (TX)
28:10 Something – Mike (NJ)
32:02 Venus – TikiDave (HI)
37:07 Thank you and good-bye

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Three Chord Thursday is a thematic song session in Zoom, born out of the pandemic lockdown, meeting every Thursday at 3 pm EST (Eastern Time in the USA). Until further notice, it is completely free for anyone, anywhere in the world to participate as a performer (everyone else muted) and as active or passive listeners (video camera on or off). Song sheets are displayed (shared) on screen during a performance. Every session is recorded for review and editing for community sharing. Main webpage:

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