Brookline Interactive Group

BIG is proudly maintains our own fully-equipped production studio, which we encourage members to take advantage of if they are interested in TV broadcasting or would like to create their own show. In the past we’ve had members use the space to host talk shows, as an educational tool to teach cooking or exercise, for TEDX talks, and even to record live, intimate concerts. Our studio is the ideal space for hands-on production experience where members can create and learn how to maneuver through all the components of creating a television show.

To create your own show with BIG, please complete the following steps:

Submit a program proposal to be approved by BIG staff
Meet with BIG staff to discuss the details of your show and schedule your first show
Volunteer on at least one Thursday Night Live production where you gain a sense of what is involved in producing a studio show
Prepare and host the first episode of your own project. Ideally during Thursday Night Live.
If you would like to do an ongoing show, recruit a volunteer who can help produce this show

BIG also airs content created outside of the studio on our cable and YouTube channels. Members can borrow our camera equipment to film content, and use our editing suites to create and edit their own video content, and must submit these projects to us.

We also encourage members to share the creations made with their own equipment with us so we can promote it on our channels. Please share them with us on social media and on YouTube as well so we can support your work.

For a more detailed description of BIG’s Membership Policies and Procedures, please consult our Member Handbook.
For questions regarding membership or volunteering, please email