Stephano: The True Story of Shakespeare’s Shipwreck

In this 90-minute film, producer Andrew Giles Buckley, creator and host of Hit and Run History, and his crew follow the story of Stephen Hopkins, the only passenger who had previously been to North America before traveling on the Mayflower. A decade earlier, in 1609, Hopkins had been aboard a Jamestown-bound ship called the Sea Venture, which wrecked on Bermuda.

Along with the other colonist castaways, Hopkins sailed to Jamestown on a newly constructed ship. In a fascinating intersection of history, Hopkins’s attendance at the marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe led him to escape from Jamestown and travel back to England with Pocahontas and her husband. It was this happenstance in its entirety that may have led to Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest.

Summer Connections 2021 American Portrait Projects

Visualizing concepts and turning ideas into social media posts after reflecting on their BLM posters, and reviewing the PBS American Portrait projects. Students created posts with a message using to bring their own thoughts and artwork to life.

Summer Connections 2021 BLM Messages with Meaning Posters

VISUALIZING CONCEPTS & TURNING IMPORTANT IDEAS INTO ART! Students created a poster design using BLM principles making their own meaning with both abstract and realistic imagery as they explored techniques for using the elements of art symbolically to convey an idea or meaning.

League of Women Voters Brookline 2021 Annual Meeting

This annual meeting includes a presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation to Linda Golburgh, the retiring Assistant Town Clerk of Brookline, recognition of awards from the Sarah K. Wallace arm of the League to two Brookline High students, one of which recorded an appreciation, and a discussion of Statehouse happenings and their effect on Brookline, […]