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We offer many digital media classes for adults focused on editing, sound, DSLRs, scriptwriting, storytelling, cinematography, and 360 cameras, and more!  BIG members receive 20% discounts on all classes.  If you have any questions about classes, please contact us at

VR Academy Classes:

BIG and the Public VR Lab are pleased to offer several classes in virtual reality.

Intro to Apple’s ARKit:  ARKit is Apple’s set of software development tools which make it possible to build augmented-reality apps for iOS. With ARKit you can augment the reality around you using a computer, tablet, or even a cell phone by overlaying 3D images in your own environment.  In this workshop, you will get an overview of ARKit’s offerings and capabilities and have the chance to explore using it to create your own AR experiences.

WebVR with A-Frame:  Want to make 3D websites? We’ll show you how in this two-session class! Instructors from Fasility will lead two sessions on how to make virtual reality for the web, also known as WebVR. We’ll use A-Frame, a popular and free framework from Mozilla that makes VR as easy and powerful as editing HTML Tuition: $100

Advanced WebVR Topics with A-Frame:  In this 2-session class our instructors from Fasility will build on the basics of previous Web VR with A-Frame classes to add interactivity, positional sound, and environment changes to WebVR scenes. Whether you are working on a simple game or another kind of experience, these are the next steps for creating engaging worlds.

Beginner Blender: Creating 3D objects for VR – Star Wars Style!:  Celebrate May the Fourth by playing with 3D images of your favorite Star Wars characters, or simply create your own in our 3D Modeling and Printing class. You will first learn the basic elements of Blender, a free professional open-source 3D computer graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, and video games. The class will teach you how to create basic shapes, modeling techniques, and then delve into how to use a 3D printer to create 3D models.  Tuition: $50

Introduction to Unity:  Unity is a powerful and widely-used game engine for developing VR experiences, as well as video games for consoles, mobile devices, and websites. This 2-session workshop will introduce you to the basic functions and concepts of Unity and will provide you with the opportunity to do 3D modeling and coding through its systems.  Tuition: $100

Augmented Reality: The Right Place at the Right Time:  Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting form of emerging media that has great potential that spans far beyond the Pokemon Go! game that launched this medium into millions of households (and cell phones!). In this one-session workshop, you will learn more about AR, how it works, ways in which it is being used, and how YOU can make a powerful impact on your local community.  By utilizing the Hoverlay app, you can start creating your own AR content on day one. Please be sure to bring your iPhone or tablet, as you will be downloading this app during the class.

Adult Media Classes

Basic Editing in Premiere:  Join BIG for this two-session workshop where you will edit and create your own brief video. Adobe Premiere is a high-quality editing software used throughout the film industry that enables one to edit footage and craft a video or film. This workshop will introduce you to the basic functions and concepts of editing, including cutting video footage, adding and manipulating audio, and creating an opening and ending slides. Tuition: $100

Podcasting 101:  If you’ve ever listened to a podcast and thought, “I can do that!” now’s your chance! Join us for a crash course that will give you all the tools you need to start planning and recording your own podcast. In this one-night class, you will learn the ins and outs of a recording at our high quality sound booth. You will become familiar with how to best use a microphone, how to record using professional software, how to adjust the sound quality, and how to save your file in the most useful format for your intended purpose. Tuition: $100

Advanced Editing: Join our resident Adobe Premiere expert as they delve into more advanced functions, tools, and concepts of editing with this high-quality software.  This two-session intermediate editing course will build on the basics and cover importing, master effects and color correction, syncing multi-cam angles, recording multi-camera edits, color matching angles, and more! Utilize advanced editing techniques to take your editing to the next level and make your own professional quality films. Tuition: $100

Adobe After Effects: Adobe After Effects is a powerful, creative and exciting animation tool in today’s media culture. This workshop will introduce you to the basic functions and concepts of animating in today’s most popular motion graphics program. Join us for this one-session workshop where you will create an animated production company logo.  Tuition: $50

Cinematography with DSLR Cameras:  This three-session course provides participants with a basic understanding of using DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras to create cinematically beautiful films. Learn about aspect ratio versus resolution, composition, types of camera movements, angles, and exposure theory. You will also learn the basics of operating BIG’s Canon DSLR cameras, plus lighting and audio, including tips and tricks to optimize a variety of settings and circumstances to film high-quality footage.

Digital Storytelling: Storytelling is poetry-in-motion, our common cultural currency, and a framework for self-identity. Brookline Interactive Group and The Makery are partnering to offer a three-session class in which you will write a 150-300 word story and use scanned images, video, and narration to create simple, yet deeply connective, multimedia stories of your own.  Sessions will include development of writing skills for transmedia projects, feedback during story circles, and cultivating basic audio, photography, and video production techniques to complete a short two-minute video that you will be able to share online, via social media, and via DVDs with family, friends or colleagues.  In addition to creating a piece of art, this workshop provides an opportunity to create a video gift for someone who has inspired you in your life. These stories are personal-narrative focused, but some participants may also choose to share their videos on their website as part of their artist statement.

Smart Phone Filmmaking:  Smartphones have become the most prominent recording devices today, allowing us to easily capture and share moments of everyday life and the world around us from our unique perspective. In this introductory class, we will explore techniques and concepts that enhance the quality of the content captured on an iPhone camera.  Learn about lighting, how to optimize iPhone camera settings, and using tools to create high-quality photographs and videos directly from your iPhone.

360 Filmmaking:  New innovative camera technology now allows you to capture your story with 360-degrees of video instead of just one frame. Utilizing two 180-degree cameras, these video recording devices capture two videos simultaneously, then stitch them together so they can be edited as one 360-degree video in Premiere. This introductory course will go over the basics of using a 360-cam, stitching content together, editing and uploading 360-video, and applying these techniques in the filmmaking process.

Equipment and Cameras

360 Camera and Editing
Instead of only capturing what’s in front of you, in just one frame, new cameras allow for a full 360 degree view of the world you are documenting. In this two-session class, you will gain a basic understanding of using a 360 camera, stitching content with software, uploading to YouTube, and editing footage in Premiere. BIG members can check out the Ricoh Theta after the class which uses two 180 degree cameras front and back to capture two videos simultaneously, which are then stitched together to create one 360 degree video. Tuition: $50

Production Basics for Field, Studio, and 360 Shoots
This one-session class will give you all the tools you need to get your media project started. We’ll help you learn the key elements that go into planning your studio show or field production, including scheduling, equipment needs, crew, organizing your footage, and storytelling.

Using a Gimbal
Learn how to use BIG’s new gimbals to stabilize your shot and elevate your production value in this one-session class. You will have the opportunity to practice using the gimbals and also learn about other camera stabilizing techniques.  Tuition: $50

DSLR Basics
This two session program provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of using DSLR cameras. The program delves into how these cameras operate, focusing, lighting, sound, and how to best optimize them a variety of settings and circumstances to film high quality footage.

DSLR Intermediate Skills
If you already know the basics of using a DSLR camera, but now want to further hone your skills, this class is for you. This two session program provides participants with an in-depth understanding of using DSLR cameras, specifically focusing on optimizing and manipulating lighting by using a wide variety of tools and techniques and enhancing shots in post-production.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]


Audio 101: Improve Your Audio Storytelling
This class will introduce you to concepts in audio, including recording good audio, positioning mics, setting levels, understanding ambient noise, tone, and signal, using Audition software and a project-based learning environment. After the class you’ll have a basic understanding of audio so you can improve your use of sound in film and podcast projects.

Youth Education at BIG:

[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Movie Makers at BIG:
Through instruction and class exercises, kids will learn to script, film and edit a short movie. In project-based teams, students will learn to use a camera, studio equipment and green screen to develop a storyboard, set and costume ideas. With professional software, they will edit their own version of the movie with their original concepts, music and graphics. And, once the movies have been created, kids and their families will celebrate with a movie premiere in the BIG’s theater!TBD – Stay tuned for upcoming dates
[ezcol_1quarter][/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end] Magic (ages 10-14):
Come to BIG to deeper explore the world of, a video social network for creating, sharing and discovering short videos. In this workshop for middle schoolers, kids learn advanced production techniques and express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing by creating a video project video with their team!TBD – Stay tuned for more dates

Middle School Movie Makers:  This class, which is specifically for middle-schoolers (grades 6-8), will teach students the fundamental elements of filmmaking by providing them the opportunity to script, film, and edit their own short movie. In project-based teams, students will learn to develop a storyboard, plan their set and costumes, and use iPads, studio equipment, and a green screen to create their films. With iMovie software, they will edit their own version of the movie with their original concepts, music and graphics.  Once the movies have been created, teens and their families will celebrate with a movie premiere in the BIG’s theater!  Tuition: $100 per student

Unity for Middle Schoolers:  Unity is a powerful and widely-used game engine for developing VR experiences, as well as video games for consoles, mobile devices, and websites.

This 6-session after school class, which is for students in grade 5 and up, will introduce you to the basic functions and concepts of Unity, and include several exercises to use and practice the skills you learn!  Tuition: $120 per student

Early Release Day Workshops:  Join BIG in exploring the world of media by creating videos, animations and graphics that will promote problem-solving, creative thinking and self-expression! Each session is for kids ages 8 and up, and is held in BIG’s location, and runs from 1:00-3:30 pm. If your child cannot get to BIG right at 1:00, that’s OK! Tuition – $50 per child per session

Middle School Media Literacy:  An after school program for girls in grades 6-8
Take a closer look at the media in your life, and learn to make your own in this new after school program! In this new 8-session media arts class, students will explore how women and girls are represented in the media and think critically about how they are portrayed. Then they will write and create their own media that challenges stereotypes and problematic messages and tells a story they want to tell. BIG staff will mentor them through the entire creative process and teach them production skills as they write, film, and edit their own media content. 
Thanks to a generous grant from the Brookline Community Foundation, this pilot program is free for all students. Space is limited. One spot per family.

Photojournalism:  Through Photojournalism, students will explore journalism through a creative, community-based project that teaches them to think outside-the-box and develop career skills. Youth will learn creative journalism skills by researching news stories, writing their own content, and creating video segments through visual art and film in an exciting, hands-on environment. For kids ages 10-12. 

Brookline Interactive Group also offers after-school and enrichment courses in several K-8 schools in Brookline.  To take a class, we ask that tuition is paid before the start of the class. Scholarships are available. Please email for more information.