Brookline Interactive Group


funshowMembers of BIG have access to our state-of-the-art facility, complete with HD cameras, private editing suites, educational computer labs, a theater and more. Whatever your filming goals and needs are, BIG has the resources to bring your vision to the screen. Members may sign up for BIG Workshops and Brookline Adult Education classes to learn new skills or refine their techniques. Members may also volunteer and get involved in ongoing projects.

Who can become a member?
Any Brookline resident or Brookline-based organization, and all non-Brookline residents are eligible to become a member and show an approved program on the access channel under the condition a BIG Membership form is signed and placed on file with BIG, and the appropriate fees are paid. If the applicant is a minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign the aforementioned document. All new access members must attend thGrandstanderse BIG Orientation class prior to their first use of the facilities. Any member who wishes to borrow equipment and use the facilities to produce access programming can do so after fulfilling the necessary requirements for certification. (Members and non-members may rent BIG equipment and facilities for private use. Rates are available upon request.) Membership for Brookline residents is free. A $50 annual fee is charged for non-Brookline residents. Please note: Members are not employees of BIG. They shall not misrepresent themselves as employees of BIG, or speak on behalf of BIG. Neither the BIG phone number, nor the BIG address may be listed as a contact number for members for their shows.
How do you become a member?
To become a member, you must first attend a free Orientation session. At Orientation, you will see a tour of the space and learn how to use our network servers. Upon completing orientation you will receive a membership card and will be eligible to volunteer for events. You will also be able to sign up for workshops and adult education classes, which earn greater privileges to our equipment and facilities.

Your privileges as a BIG member correspond to the workshops and classes you have taken and to your volunteer hours on member and community produced programs. Members will be permitted to reserve and use edit suites, take-out field equipment and/or studios on which he or she has been certified. Based on your goals as a member, the BIG staff suggests the following membership tracks in order to access the equipment and facilities: