Five interdependent constituencies — Housing, Diversity & Inclusion, Transportation, Climate Sustainability, and Economic Development — will focus on how to work together to increase housing affordability at multiple price-points in Brookline.

Frank Steinfield, Forum Moderator, CEO, Brookline Community Foundation

Bob Van Meter, for Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action – Confronting the History of Housing Discrimination

Panel Presentations: Bringing Multiple Constituencies Together: How Diversity & Inclusion, Transportation, Economic Development, and Climate Sustainability Impact Housing Affordability

Rashmi Dyal Chand: Panel Moderator, Professor, Northeastern School of Law
Deborah Brown (Town Meeting Member): Diversity & Inclusion
Jenny Raitt (Housing Advisory Board): Housing
Chris Dempsey (Transportation Board): Transportation
Alden Raine (Economic Development Advisory Board): Economic Development
Werner Lohe (Climate Action Committee): Climate Sustainability
Q&A, Discussion, and Ending Remarks