Brookline Interactive Group


At BIG, we believe that community media should empower residents to document, share, record, and distribute the important issues and activities of Brookline and beyond by providing you with the tools, the training, and the inspiration to create high quality hyperlocal content. We aim to ignite your spark to CREATE, EXPLORE, PLAY and BUILD COMMUNITY through existing and new media and communications tools.

Through filmmaking, media arts, and journalism, we see community media as a medium for facilitating important community discussions, raising awareness about local events, issues, and arts and culture, and highlighting the connections we have with our community and each other. We then share your content through our community cable and YouTube channels to over 20,000 hyperlocal cable subscribers and online visitors.

Community Productions

Members can work with BIG to create a television or YouTube show, an original film or documentary, or a community journalism piece, and more. All content created using the resources of BIG must air on our community cable channels. Visit this page to learn more about how you can create your own show or film with BIG.

Creating a Show or Program Can Be Simple

When you host a show on Thursday Night Live (TNL), you have the structure and training to create and share your show. Since we incubate shows for three to six months, our staff and TNL makes it easy to produce and direct your show, and quickly distribute it online. Creating content in the studio is a great way to meet new members of the community and share compelling stories or help each other! You can also create content in the field, using our DSLRs and iPad kits, to create short narrative, documentaries, art pieces, journalism, digital storytelling, immersive 360 stories, or segments that can be brought into live studio shows.

Easy DIY Filming Solutions

BIG’s Go Guerilla kits include equipment that is suited for in-the-field or on-the-go. This package can be used by one individual or for multiple person productions. Included is an iPad mini, light, a tripod for both the iPad and light, microphone, microphone attachment, XLR cable, headphones and a charger for the light battery. These are basic tools for video, audio and visual needs, making Go Guerilla a terrific segue into video production. BIG can train you on all aspects of using the kits.

BIG also has several JVC cameras which members who have completed our self-directed camera training session can reserve and borrow for up to 48 hours. These cameras create high quality footage, and can be used to film local events around town or footage for your creative projects.

Member services
We’re thrilled to support our members throughout the creative and creation process by providing education opportunities, access to equipment and studio space, and private editing suites throughout the creative process.

If you would like to become a member, click here to learn how and get started.