In this episode, we feature the book “What’s in My Garden?” Can you help us sort our fruits and vegetables?


Produced By Brookline Interactive Group and Brookline Early Education Program

Script Writing: Vicki Milsten, Andrea Schuettler
Line Producer: Andrea Kalsow
Puppets: Doug Cowell
Animations: Tessa Amoroso

Program Host-Sonya Joyner introduces us to our story and our episode themes. Follows up the story narration with a Vocab/concepts segment.
Youth Talent: BEEP students, BIG members, Brookline Recreation, BMS Students
Music: Vanessa Trien, Brookline Music School

From Star Bright Publishers:
1. The Other Bears
2. Friends at School
3. We Can Do it!
4. Words Are Like Faces
5. Small Medium Large
6. What’s In My Garden
7. Down in the Subway
8. A Garden For a Groundhog
9. Eating The Rainbow
10. Oh No Wholly Bear
11. Circle of Friends

Brookline Commission for the Arts

Voiceovers By:
Jane Wong
Gary Fong
Karen Katz
Maggie Canniff
Marc Bode
Marcia Hulley
Meenakshi Garodia
Samantha Glasberg
Sonya Joyner
Tanya Paris
Jasmine Ortiz

Tristan Maclean
Ellie Lapidus
Brandon Lewis
Chris Foster
Candice Moore
Rachel Bonvie
Pat Mars
Daniel Trotter
Daniel Macht
Kate Davis
Carolane Pierre
Brook Giday
Jenna Carter
Million Zenebe
Jamie Canaan
Mike Wynn
Zekulu Zewdu
Jean Paul
Tyisha Smalls
Alex Ratta
Ari Garber