Dear BIG & Brookline Community,

We are enraged by the continuing systemic racism and associated violence against black and brown people, and want to acknowledge the deep anguish and anger felt in Brookline and nationwide by the Black community.

BIG joins the call for justice, equity, for the dismantling of racism, and an end to police brutality.

Because people in the community used their video cameras and mobile phones, these unjust acts were documented, captured, shared, and a much-overdue, new conversation began to spread more broadly around the globe.

BIG reaffirms our mission to uplift voices that have been silenced or are not visible. We facilitate critical, non-partisan community dialogue and government transparency, foster free speech, civic engagement and creative expression. Our members independently document and create content that is rarely seen on corporate media.

We support the rights afforded by the First Amendment to all, and the right of professional and community journalists to report on and cover protests safely and without censorship or violence.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic and at this time of societal reckoning, BIG is here for you. Let us know how we can amplify your voice and the voices of our community.

Anti-racism is an ongoing decision to uproot white supremacy that resides within us, our relationships, and the systems we navigate each day.

It is the commitment of BIG’s team to continually examine our own work, our own processes, and our own understanding to support anti-racism and justice. We are sharing resources on our website that we hope might act as a starting point for community dialogue, as well as sharing a small list of organizations to whom you could donate.

In solidarity,

-The Team and Board of Directors at Brookline Interactive Group