Want a part-time job in Brookline this spring? Are you a Brookline High School student? BIG is hiring for our fall high school crew who will work 2-5 hours a week shooting community events, filming in 360 video, designing graphics, and programming code for VR, AR and other immersive projects. All training will be provided on site as job training by BIG staff. This is a great opportunity for you to get paid to learn how to create multimedia content for film, graphics, web, social television, VR, AR and 360 video!

How to apply:
Email Erin at erin@brooklineinteractive.org with stating why you would like to work with us at Brookline Interactive Group. If you have a cover letter or resume, please include it, but this is not required.

BIG will be accepting resumes and cover letters through March 5th. Training will be held in March through June, 2018.