At BIG we are here to help amplify ALL of our community’s voices, and I hope you will support us to continue that critical work in 2020! Thank you for any and all support!

BIG covers over 850 hours of community hearings, and school and government proceedings annually.

Brookline’s fall town meetings were filled with diverse perspectives and new voices on many important topics affecting our community. Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) was there for every minute of these town meetings, as always. Our work assures that Brookline’s public process was 100% transparent and accessible to all through our independent community cable channels, live streaming, social media, and archived community content online. 

Unfortunately, BIG’s critical coverage may not survive without your support. Even as BIG expands its public media mission, we are losing major funding from cable fees. In 2020, BIG stands to lose ⅓ of its total budget as we face difficult policy battles with the FCC. 

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In 2019, BIG covered over 850 hours of local government meetings and election forums, taught 200+ youth and adults in after-school and evening media literacy programs, and helped over 100 members, town committees, and community groups create their own media for BIG’s online and cable channels. BIG’s members produced over 20 programs monthly on topics such as health care, senior living, music and performing arts, politics, children’s yoga, religion, education, politics, domestic violence, and climate change. 

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BIG helps youth and adults develop traditional and emerging media skills, literacy and story content.

Additionally, BIG engages the entire community in becoming media makers, sharing their stories, gaining new skills, and documenting local news & history through creative community projects like these:

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Thank you for your continued support, and wishing you a happy holiday season!


Kathy Bisbee, Executive Director, BIG and from our amazing team of staff and board members!