Presented by the TRIPPS Program at the Brookline Council on Aging, this video describes how to safely use the Uber and Lyft app on your smartphone to show you exactly what to expect when you ride with these transportation companies.

0:00 Intro
0:11 Eileen
1:36 Rideshare Options
1:51 Chapter 1: Preliminaries
2:26 Chapter 2: Origin And Destination
3:40 Chapter 3: Pick a Vehicle And Confirm Trip Details
7:16 Chapter 4: While You’re Waiting
10:20 Chapter 5: Tada! You Are In The Vehicle
11:25 Chapter 6: After Your Ride, Ratings and Tips
12:27 Chapter 7: Managing Your Account
13:50 Chapter 8: Summing Up
14:26 Chapter 9: Ride Along