Topics include the attorney general’s certification of the rent control ballot question for the 2024 election in Massachusetts. Like Dr. Frankenstein, the proponents of this question have attached other bad housing ideas to this proposal, thus creating a monster that will destroy housing production. If passed, this will harm both owners and tenants by preventing property owners from keeping up with rising operating expenses, making reasonable rent increases, and removing noncompliant tenants when warranted, as properties fall into disrepair. The proposal will also obstruct owners from selling their properties at a fair price, and in a timely manner, while obstructing average buyers from purchasing and investing in rental property. It will further impose restrictions upon condo conversion and eliminate broker fees. The panel discusses the abuses of rent control boards from past experiences and the consequences for the City of Medford, among other cities and towns in Massachusetts. The impact of rising costs and energy policy in running properties efficiently are also discussed.

SPOA Vice President, Amir Shahsavari, moderates the presentation with a great panel, including Melanie Tringali (a property owner running for Medford City Council) and Demetrios Salpoglou (CEO of Boston Pads).

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