The conversation focuses on the perspectives of immigrant and minority property owners regarding the American Dream, and whether that dream remains viable given the looming threat of the rent control ballot initiative in Massachusetts. Can owners build generational wealth when their businesses are threatened? What happens when property owners can no longer keep up with rising operating costs, and when they are hindered from running their businesses safely and from even selling their properties at a fair price? The panelists representing these communities address the challenges faced by people who came to America to escape government overreach upon their property rights, only to find the same threats here.

SPOA Vice President, Amir Shahsavari, moderates the presentation with an esteemed panel, including Melvin Vieira (Past President, Greater Boston Association of Realtors), Marita Palavicini (Property Owner, East Boston), Jason Pan (Founder, Boston Asian Landlord Association), and Demetrios Salpoglou (CEO, Boston Pads).