Brookline Interactive Group

about_banner Brookline Interactive Group Offers Digital Storytelling Platform; StoryVOX To Empower Hyper Local Voices Back in 2015, BIG launched its innovative community-based storytelling platform “StoryVOX.” The storytelling project has a similar goal to other programs, like StoryCorps and Digital Storytelling, but engages people wherever they are at in the community to share short stories about their experiences. StoryVOX allows a participatory media version of a “Mad-Lib” type collective story as groups, individuals and with other members of the community over the entire summer at special events throughout Brookline, including Brookline’s Farmers’ Market, at Brookline Recreation’s Emerson Park Concert Series, and at Eureka! Puzzles, to engage residents in street-level, community-based storytelling and play. Participants share stories around the thematic prompt in a photo booth with video and still capabilities in front of a green screen. The features of StoryVOX allows participants to express their own creativity and passions while also creating lasting memories in digital form, and inspire a community-based inclusionary process. “StoryVOX is one part of the future of hyperlocal, community-based digital storytelling. The goal is to inspire the community with short, thematic prompts that generate authentic and engaging stories capturing the human experience, delivered locally on cable television, via YouTube and on social media,” said Kathy Bisbee, executive director at Brookline Interactive Group.