In this episode of The Dane Chenery Show, its host Dane Chenery sits down to talk with Ms. Kathy Bisbee, the Executive Director of Brookline Interactive Group, and formally know as Brookline Access Televisions. In this show, Dane introduces too many of his viewers the woman behind the changes happenings at Brookline Interactive Group. Although, Ms. Bisbee admits that many of the aesthetic changes had already occurred before her tenure began, like the name change. During this fast-paced half-hour television interview, Kathy candidly shares with Dane and his viewers how she has seen and been a part of the changing landscape of public access televisions for many years in California. Kathy openly talks about how Brookline Interactive Group, like other public access television studios, has had a bit of rethinking to do. When communities are facing larger budget gaps along with the advent and ease for many people to become international sensations by producing and broadcasting themselves without leaving their homes. The old adage build it and they will come, is no longer the case. It just takes more. Ms. Kathy Bisbee tells Dane some of the ways in which she plans to grow BIG even bigger. Kathy explains how she is taking action first by listening more closely to the needs of the community Brookline Interactive Group servers and secondly by reengaging televisions producers past and present. Please tune into this episode of The Dane Chenery Show and you’ll see how keeping Brookline Interactive Group relevant and delivering television content to the town of Brookline, Massachusetts is a big undertaking.