Three Chord Thursday 1970
00:40 Warm-up
03:50 Ritual of Sunglasses
04:56 The Line-up
05:12 Poll
09:41 Moonshadow – Anne (UK), Adrienne (TX)
13:00 Close to You – Bruce (IT), Adrienne (TX)
17:17 Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on Your Head – Patty, Jeannie (MA)
18:56 Fire and Rain – Susan (NC)
23:45 If You Could Read My Mind – Laura (MA)
28:49 Bobby McGee – Maureen (MA)
31:51 Cracklin’ Rosie – TikiDave (HI)
36:56 Travellin’ Band – Pat (CT)
39:18 Let It Be – tag/share – Beth (MA), Molly (PA), Linda (CA), Eve (TX), TikiDave (HI)
43:31 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Virginia (NY)
48:24 Thank you and Goodbye

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