The Brookline Bees present: Flying geese

There are many ways to make the Flying Geese units for quilting. Joyce shares four ways in this class — the traditional way, the one-seam flying geese, cutting with Accuquilt, and cutting strips with EZ rulers.

Brookline Rotary presents: Driving Change – Autonomous Vehicles’ Big Impact

Dr. Jon Haveman of the National Economic Education Delegation (NEED) explains to Brookline Rotary the transition already afoot from gas-burning human-driven vehicles to electric self-driving vehicles. Over the next ten years we will see a steady conversion, which will have both positive and negative impact on our economy and society. It is important that we […]

Brookline Rotary presents: Energy – Acting Globally and Locally

Dr. Barbara Kates-Garnick helps us understand the process of Energy Transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. It is not a simple process, and will take years to accomplish, but it is important that we begin now on the journey. She explains what needs to be modified, what investment it will take, and the benefits […]